Alexey Gromov

I am a skilled software developer with almost 20 years of experience. My background is C# .NET desktop applications development for mostly medical and financial companies. My secondary skillset is Full Stack JavaScript development, which I prefer but can not use on my current projects.

I am constantly learning something new and interesting. But prefer to stay with the same customer for longer, it gives a chance to achieve significant results.

I believe mindfulness in the workplace is key to success - my interests are yoga, meditation and reading. I also like crossfit, astronomy, sci-fi movies and tactical shooters.

What I Do

Professional Software Development

I have almost 20 years of professional software development experience. Was working on several big and known companies.

Side Development Projects

I'm working on a couple of side Projects. Nothing really big, just a couple of websites, screen savers and games.

My Hobbies


Sometimes I stream games. Mostly tactical shooters like Squad. But sometimes RimWorld or Stellaris. Join my Twitch.


Stargazing is my passion. Unfortunately it is really weather dependent.


Baseball, CrossFit, jogging, bicycle.


Reading. More books! 🙂